The Bridge

Construction of the Morandi Bridge, aka the Polcevera Viaduct, in Genoa was completed on July 31, 1967 and was a “brave and grandiose work”, as Italian President Giuseppe Saragat referred to it then. It was an impressive eleven-span structure, with a length of more than 3500 feet (1102 meters), a height of 148 feet (45 meters), and three 300 foot (90 meter) support pylons It was the largest bridge in Europe at the time and the second largest in the world.

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Breathing new life

Carlo Forlanini Hospital, named after the great Italian doctor, was finally closed in June 2015 …

The largest in the world, it specialized exclusively in pulmonary diseases and was part of the great idea of the famous physician and politician Eugenio Morelli to create a large network of clinics throughout Italy. Morelli’s initiative was in line with global health care reforms in post-war Europe of the 1920s, when the terrible pandemic of the Spanish flu showed the importance and vital need for a free health care system for all segments of the population.

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